Computer Based Test (CBT) Software- Author Module Help : Add New/ Insert Questions

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Add New/ Insert Questions :This feature is used to enter questions into the database.

To New question slelect the question type you would like to insert and click "Add New/Insert" button in "Author/Question Type" screen.

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Currently Computer Based Test Software supports Multiple Choice Single Answer (MCSA) and Multiple Choice Multiple Choice Multiple Answer (MCMA) question types where question and answer options can be entered as plain text, rich text format using HTML editor and PDF file. Each question can have exhibit images, audio/video file for question part and for the explanation.

Based on the question type selected a form to enter question details will be shown. A screen shot of MCSA (Multiple choice single answer) question type is given below.

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Various options are explanined below as nubered in figure above:

  • Main question must be entered in "Question" area.

  • Each answer option must be entered as a choice and check box next to each choice must be checked if it is a correct answer for this question.

  • Difficulty level of the question must be select from "Beginner/Intermediate/Expert".

  • This field shows the score/marks assigned to this question for final result calculation.

  • Question must be assigned to one of the category.

  • If sub categories are present question must be added to one of the sub categories.

  • If the question requires a figure to be diaplyed click on "Add Exhibit" and select the image.

  • If the question requires a Audio/Video in question click on "Add Audio/Video" button next to add Audio/Video to question.

  • Find button can be used to seach a question based on question id.

  • If the question explanantion requires a Audio/Video in question click on "Add Audio/Video" button next to add Audio/Video to explanation.

  • Provide an explanation for the question.

Click on "Save" button to save the question.

Previous and Next buttons can be used to navigate to other questions.

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