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Product Features

The Exam Engine works in conjunction with author module. The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s). The detailed help provides step-by-step procedure on using the author module and the test engine. The exam engine allows a candidate to take the test.

Important features of the Exam Engine software

1. Modes

Exam mode Simulates actual exam environment in which candidate needs to answer exam created by instructor in a given time without any help from flash cards.
Learn mode Provides interactive learning environment where candidate can go through each question and view flash cards and correct answers for each question.
Review mode At end of every exam (learn/exam) mode you can save results for that exam for future viewing. In review mode you can view saved exams with answers selected by candidate along with correct answer and detailed explanation for each question (if provided by author).

2. Display features

Variable font size : Allows to set font size in Exam screen as (small, large and extra large)
Read modes (Day/Night modes): Exam screen display setting can be changed between Day Mode (black text on white background) and Night Mode (white text on black background) to help you read according to your convenience.
Intuitive navigation

3. Supported Question Types

Multiple choice single answer (MCQA) and Multi Answer (MCMA) 
Drag-n-drop (Image and Text) : Text Drag and Drop can be used for interactive Match the Following type questions, where as Image Drag and Drop allows to identify multiple components on the image provided in questions. 
Hot spot type: here the candidate needs to identify the correct spot/component on an exhibit
Fill in the blanks: In this type of question candidate is given a phrase ,sentence or paragraph with one or more blank spaces. Candidate must type correct answers in provided blank spaces to complete the phrase ,sentence or paragraph.
Testlet type: Here the candidate needs to answer two or more questions after reading a passage or a scenario.

4 Configurable exam options: It is possible to configure several of the exam options including the following:

Number of questions in the exam (or quiz): The total number of questions that should be available in each Exam 
Random or sequential : Instructor can select if questions present in the DB should be presented to candidate in sequential or random order. Feature for randomizing of answer options for each question is also available.
Exam Time : Instructor can set the Time allowed to the candidate for completing the exam
Pause Timer : Instructor can allow/deny pausing of the exam timer by the candidate while taking exam.
Question Bookmaking : Instructor can allow/deny bookmaking of the questions. Bookmarked questions cab be viewed separately during the exam. Candidate can also view ONLY bookmarked questions after the exam.

5. Other Features

Multiple profiles so that when two or more people use the computer, each can have individual profile.
Notes : Candidates can add notes for each question while taking exam for any reference at later stage.
Customizing Questions: Instructor can customize the exam for candidate to allow questions from specific topics only.
Score Calculation : At end of each exam (learn and exam) modes candidate is given a score calculation based on the total number of questions present in exam and number of correctly answered questions in that exam

5. Demo and Full versions: 

The demo version supports all the features of the full version, the only limitation being the number of questions that could be rendered. Demo version is limited to 10 questions, where as there is no limit on the number of questions and test for full version.
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