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CBT Software - Author Module

Product Features

The Author module works in conjunction with Exam Engine. The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s). The detailed help provides step-by-step procedure on using the author module and the test engine.

Important features of the Author Module software

Supported Question Types

Multiple choice single answer (MCQA) and Multi Answer (MCMA) 
Drag-n-drop (Image and Text) : Text Drag and Drop can be used for interactive Match the Following type questions, where as Image Drag and Drop allows to identify multiple components on the image provided in questions. 
Hot spot type: here the candidate needs to identify the correct spot/component on an exhibit
Fill in the blanks: In this type of question candidate is given a phrase ,sentence or paragraph with one or more blank spaces. Candidate must type correct answers in provided blank spaces to complete the phrase ,sentence or paragraph.
Testlet type: Here the candidate needs to answer two or more questions after reading a passage or a scenario.

Configurable exam options: It is possible to configure several of the exam options including the following:

Number of questions in the exam (or quiz): The total number of questions that should be available in each Exam 
Random or sequential : Instructor can select if questions present in the DB should be presented to candidate in sequential or random order. Feature for randomizing of answer options for each question is also available.
Exam Time : Instructor can set the Time allowed to the candidate for completing the exam
Pause Timer : Instructor can allow/deny pausing of the exam timer by the candidate while taking exam.
Question Bookmaking : Instructor can allow/deny bookmaking of the questions. Bookmarked questions cab be viewed separately during the exam. Candidate can also view ONLY bookmarked questions after the exam.

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Important Links:

CBT Software : Exam Engine 
(Required to import authored exam for administrating the exam)

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