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Exam Configuration: To use this feature select "Exam Configuration" under "Exam" menu in main window. This option allows you to configure the Test Module.

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A new window with exam configuration options will open. 

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1. Configuration options are explained below:

1.1 Configuration 

a. Exam Name : This field displays the "Exam Name" which was provided while creating the exam.

b. Number of Exams : This filed is displays the number of different exams that will be made available to the candidate. This field is automatically updated based on the field "Number of questions per exam". Each exam will have a equal number of questions, a unique question set selected from all the questions present in the database.

c. No. of Questions per exam : By default this field will show total number of questions present in the database. 

d. Pass Percentage : This field is used to set the pass percentage for the exam. Default value is set to 65%

e. Max time allowed : This field is used to set the time allowed to take the exam. Default value is set to 210 minutes (3.5 hours) 

f. Max score : This field is used to set the maximum score for the exam. Default values is set to 100.

1.2. Allowed Exam Modes : This section allows instructor to select if the questions will be available to the candidate in learn mode, exam mode or both. Uncheck to disable.

a. Learn mode : Provides interactive learning environment where candidate can go through each question and view flash cards and correct answers for each question.

b. Exam mode : Simulates actual exam environment in which candidate needs to answer exam created by instructor in a given time without any help from flash cards.

1.3. Permitted buttons: This section allows instructor to select the buttons and features which will be permitted when candidate is taking an exam.

a. Previous : Previous button allows the candidate to view the previous question. Disabling previous button will force the candidate to view the questions in forward sequence only, after once viewing/answering the question candidate will not be able to go back to that question. 

b. Bookmaking Allowed : Candidate can bookmark any number of questions while taking the exam and view only bookmarked questions at any time during the exam or after the exam (for retaking). If unchecked bookmarking will not be allowed while taking the exam.

c. Review : Review feature lists all the questions in the exam and candidate can select any question to view by just clicking the question in the list. Review also allows to select following set of questions :

 1. Un Answered Questions Only : If selected this option all the question that are currently un answered by the candidate will be displayed.

2. Bookmarked Questions Only : If this option is selected all the questions that are bookmarked in current exam will be displayed.

d. Pause Timer : This feature will allow candidate to pause the exam timer while taking the exam. 

2. Set Default : This button will show default values for all the configuration options.

3. Update & Close : This button will save any configuration changes made.

4. Close : This button will discard any configuration changes made.

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