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Learning and Assessment Software (LAAS)

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The eLearning software consists of 3 main modules, namely, author module, exam module, and learning module. The author module provides authors to input content which may consist of questions & answers, course notes, and multimedia. Several file formats are supported for inputting content, including text, pdf, audio, video, and multimedia. The exam module provides a way to deliver exams to the intended users. Several question types such as multiple choice MCQs, and drag n drop are supported. The configuration screen enables the examiner or the author to configure exam delivery options such as time allowed, proctoring, and screen capture. The learning module is basically a course delivery engine that provides course content to the candidates. Several types of content is supported, including multimendia content.

Important features of the CBT (Computer Based Test) software

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Authoring by multiple authors for fast turnaround time.

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Support for major question types asked in computer based exams. Also supports multimedia in questions.

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Support for multiple platforms like Windows/iOS/Android and Mac.

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Run from your own server for Enterprise edition.

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Upload bulk questions and candidate details.

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Set exam environment for each exam.

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Remotely proctor online exams with live image capturing, and geolocation tracking.

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Exam result reports include scorecards, time analysis, and topic wise analysis.

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Results can be saved to docs/pdfs or printed.

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Customize app to use institute logo.

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Excellect support service.

LAAS software consists of two main constituent modules

1. Author module : The Author module is a easy to use software designed to create and distribute question databases. It supports all the common question types used in online tests. Author can create any number of tests, add /edit/delete questions with ease. Our Preview feature allows the author to see how exactly the questions will be displayed to the exam candidates. Author module can also be used to create paper pen based exams and create lessons. Get full list of features for Author module.

2. Exam module : Created Question database can be exported from Author module and used on any number of Windows, MAC systems, Android or iOS phones using our exam engine module. Get full list of features for Exam Engine module.

3. Learning module : Created learning course can be imported and viwed by the candidates using learning module. Get full list of features of learning module

Standard Edition :

Single licence is included in this price.

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Price : $29.95

Enterprise Edition :

20 licences are included in this price.

Price : $199.00

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Download LAAS Software Windows Application

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Download LAAS Exam Engine MacOS version

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Download LAAS Exam Engine Android App

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Download LAAS Exam Engine iOS App (to be addedd soon)

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Author Module Features

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Exam Module Features

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How to use Author Module

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How to use eLearning Software

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