A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Cram Notes

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5. Operational Procedures

5.1 Given a scenario, use appropriate safety procedures

1. When working on computers, use special ESD wrist strap. Do not directly ground yourself with a piece of wire. An ESD wrist strap has built-in resistor to prevent electric shock. Use specially designed grounded ESD mats. Do not wear synthetic clothing. Place all electronic components into anti static bags. Anti static bags can be reused. Keep your workplace clean.

2. When attending to the computer maintenance or repair (other than the monitor), ensure that you work in a static free environment. Always wear wrist strap. You should not wear clothes/shoes that produce static charges.

3. Having an anti-static work station is the most appropriate solution when working with sensitive components. However, under emergencies, it may not always be possible to wear a wrist strap or have an anti static work station. The least a technician could do to minimize static under these circumstances is to tough a metal part in the PC (typically ground point) case. It is assumed here that the PC case is grounded, which is typically the case.

4. Screw drivers are very likely to be magnetized, and you need to be cautious when using the same near magnetic media.

5.2 Explain environmental impacts and the purpose of environmental controls

1. By causing irreversible mechanical damage to the hard drives, it may be ensured that the data is permanently lost. Even if you format, it is possible to recover data using special tools, and therefore it is not recommended under circumstances where hard drive contain sensitive information.

2. A hard disk should never be low level formatted at the customer premises. It is highly recommended that it is done at the manufacturer's or at any authorized center. It is very cumbersome to change the partition sizes, once the hard disk is partitioned and used. It may require backing up all the data and restoring after repartitioning.

3. Keeping the hard disk free of any dust, and enabling good airflow around the hard disk will enhance the life of the hard disk.

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