Network+ (N10-008) Cram Notes

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1. Networking Concepts

1.8 Given a scenario, implement the following network troubleshooting methodology

Given below is the sequence of steps recommended to be following is solving a network problem:

  • Information gathering - Identify symptoms and problems

  • Identify the affected areas of the network

  • Determine if anything has changed

  • Establish the most probable cause

  • Determine if escalation is necessary

  • Create an action plan and solution identifying potential effects

  • Implement and test the solution

  • Identify the results and affects of the solution

  • Document the solution and the entire process

Indirect enquires are usually not a recommended practice.

1.9 Identify virtual network components

  • Virtual Switch is a software program that allows one virtual machine to communicate with another.It can intelligently direct communication on the network by inspecting packets before passing them on.

  • Virtual Server is a server which is shared by multiple website owners. Each owner can use use and administrate

  • With virtual desktops, a user's data is stored in a data center rather than on an office computer's hard drive. By providing authentication credentials, a secure connection can be established between the centralized repository of user data and that user's device , thus allowing the user to remotely access her document.

  • PBX A Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a privately owned telephone switch traditionally used in corporate telephony systems. Although a PBX is not typically considered a VoIP device, it can connect into a VoIP network through a gateway.

  • In Naas (Network as a Service), the service provider offers services like e-mail and DNS for use by the clients. In SaaS (Software as Service), typically access is provided to a software application.

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