A+ Core 1 (220-1101) Cram Notes

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3. Laptops

3.3 Compare and contrast laptop features

1. Laptops, being mobile, usually participate on more than one network, and often use a static IP address at one location and a dynamically assigned IP address at another. For example, your computer might use dynamic addressing (DHCP) at the office but need to use a static IP address when at home to connect to a broadband ISP. Windows XP Professional solves this problem by allowing the user to configure the computer to first try DHCP, and then, if the attempt fails, to try alternate static IP address settings.

2. Laptops with wireless networking capabilities usually provide a shortcut key to enable and disable the wireless radio. This feature is usually accessed by using a key combination of the function (Fn) key and one of the F keys at the top of the keyboard.

3. Sometimes this key can also activate and deactivate the Bluetooth function of your computer. If on a clean install Bluetooth is not working instead of reinstalling the OS, it is always better to install the correct driver for the device. Go to device manager, and update the Bluetooth driver. Windows XP SP2 supports Bluetooth and there is no need to update the Operating System to Windows 7.

4. Laptop antenna is almost always located in the display section of the laptop. This is because, the screen is lifted and provides better propagation of rf waves, which is a requirement for 802.11 specification. But the exact location within the laptop display bezel may change from one laptop manufacturer to another.

5. If any HotKey is not working as expected it is recommended to install the Hotkey drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

6. If a notebook cellular card was activated by the cellular operator, but was not recognized by the Operating System then check if feature is supported in laptop BIOS. It is most likely that the cellular card is disabled in the BIOS. Please check the BIOS and enable the card. Note that all notebook computers may not support this feature.

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