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CBT Software- Exam Engine : Help

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The Exam Engine works in conjunction with author module. The author module enables inputting the required questions and answers by the author(s). The detailed help provides step-by-step procedure on using the author module and the test engine. The exam engine allows a candidate to take the test.

Help for important features of the  Exam Engine of the CBT Software are given below:


1. Test Module Operations : CBT Software-Exam Engine allows user to add any number of Test Modules (Database created using CBT Software-Author Module). Each Test Module is treated as a separate exam and can be used independently.

1.1 Adding Test Module : This section will provide a procedure to add a Test Module created using CBT Software-Author in to Exam Engine.

1.2. Updating Test Module : This option allows user to update a Test Module in Exam Engine.

1.3. Removing Test Module : This option allows user to remove a Test Module in Exam Engine.

2. Login : CBT Software-Exam Engine allows candidate to take exam using a username, results for each username can be viewed independently.

3. Modes : CBT Software-Exam Engine allows candidate to use the Test Module in two modes

3.1 Learn Mode : Provides interactive learning environment where candidate can go through each question and view flash cards and correct answers for each question.

3.2 Exam Mode : Simulates actual exam environment in which candidate needs to answer exam created by instructor in a given time without any help from flash cards.

5. Exam Screen : This section will describe how exactly the questions will be presented to candidate and the options available to help him take exam.

6. Question Types Supported : This section will show how various supported question types are displayed to candidate.

7. Grade Screen : This section will describe how the performance of the candidate will be shown at end of the exam.

8. Save Results and Review Questions : At the end of each exam candidate is given an option to save the results, which can be reviewed later.

9. Exam Configuration : This feature allows instructor to set configuration options (number of questions per exam, exam time, pass percentage etc), allowed exam modes (learn, exam), permitted buttons (review, pause timer, bookmarking etc) 

10. Customize Questions : This feature allows instructor to select specific categories (topics) for a exam. All the questions in the exam will appear only from selected categories. 

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